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Non-Linear Dynamics and Self-Organisation in Chemical Systems
(NLDS Days)

18-20 October 2010 - Bordeaux, France

The “Non-Linear Dynamics and Self-Organisation in Chemical Systems” workshop is a great opportunity to bring together the international community working in the field of non-linear dynamics and pattern formation in far from equilibrium chemical systems.

This three-day workshop, organised in honour of Jacques Boissonade and Patrick De Kepper, will intently focus on presenting envisioned trends and emerging perspectives in this most lively area of research.

High-profile speakers have been called for to illustrate the deep cross-disciplinarity of the field and will be delivering over 20 plenary talks on topics ranging from chemistry to mathematics, non-linear physics and biology-related problems.

In order to maximize fruitful exchanges between participants and preserve a true workshop atmosphere, there will be a permanent poster session, large times for discussions, and attendance will be purposely limited.